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Scent marketing of the four kinds of use

Scent marketing of the four kinds of use

Scent marketing of the four kinds of use | OUWAVE olfactory marketing

Advertising Fragrance

Spread the fragrance of advertising, also known as smell ads, is implanted in the ads fragrance to achieve better advertising results.

For example, in 2014, "The Melbourne Times" reported that Australian supermarket giant Coles in the newspaper, "smell" ads exudes the smell of bread, people mouth to mouth.


Clever use of fragrance in advertising can arouse everyone's attention, the sudden smell of people often surprises and curiosity, and then produce exploration of its power. In this case, the odor advertisement can well alleviate the weak reception of the consumer information caused by the current commercial advertisement information flooding, and enable the consumers to receive the information while proactively looking for the fragrance.


Theme Fragrance

The use of the theme fragrance refers to the selection of the fragrance related to the theme to further express the theme and make people naturally think of the theme to create a better theme atmosphere.

Now businesses use the theme fragrance mainly around the festival, such as IKEA's flagship store in Holland spread the Christmas tree at Christmas taste, allowing consumers to extend the time 54%, customer satisfaction increased by 7%, customer retention rate Increased by 6%.


The future of the theme of the use of fragrance will be more and more extensive, in the cultural theme exhibitions, commercial theme exhibitions, themed entertainment venues and other places can use the fragrance to improve the effect, such as marine pavilions can be used to create ocean fragrance for customers Closer to the actual atmosphere.


Environmental Fragrance


The use of environmental fragrance is mainly to optimize the environment, to create a more comfortable consumer atmosphere for customers, improve customer's shopping environment, products and other impressions, thereby enhancing the customer's shopping time, consumption desire and amount.

Wacoal fragrance underwear is the hope that through the fragrance is to give guests a clean impression, improve customer spending desire.

At present, many shopping malls are using the environment fragrance to improve customer shopping stay. Some hotels also use the environment in the lobby, corridors and other places fragrance, hope to enter the hotel customers to create a warm, comfortable, welcome, feel at home.


Exclusive Fragrance

Exclusive fragrance is based on the environment of the fragrance, the business as a fragrance brand elements, and other elements and long-term use of marketing tools for the accumulation of brand value. Environmental fragrance can be changed from time to time, but the brand fragrance can not.


Singapore Airlines is the exclusive pioneer of fragrance. Customers flying on the Singapore Airlines flight can feel a special scent from the fragrance of a hot air towel on the new flight attendant. The scent permeates every corner of the cabin and forms part of the image of SIA, which has been registered as a unique trademark of SIA.


In addition, the Sheraton Hotel Group for its multiple brand hotels are also based on the hotel's style, positioning and design of the exclusive brand taste. Among them, the Four Points by Sheraton hotel customers located in the 30-40-year-old business guests, these people young, natural, but also advocate simplicity, like freedom, for which the group designed a fresh "windmill taste."


And its other high-end brand Westin uses white tea aroma in the lobby and public areas. Westin located in the high-end business customers, they work stress, stress, white tea aroma can help relieve stress and relax. At the same time, the white tea aroma and Westin brand "personalized, intuitive and dynamic, full of vitality" to adapt to the core values, reflects the hotel advocates a healthy, positive and progressive way of life. "

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