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How can scent help win the customer

How can scent help win the customer

The alluring power of Scent Marketing has long been known to heavily influencing consumers in the retail environment.Using the power of scent and aromatherapy businesses can diffuse certain aromas to attract the sense of smell of the customer, the consumer's behavior is guided.

How it works?

Fragrances have been used for thousands of years to enhance experiences and influence be haviours through stimulating an individuals sense of smell. Being our most important and influential sense, smell is directly linked to emotions and has the ability to stimulate various moods of potential patrons. The right scent can influence how visitors react to particular spaces and encourages patrons to spend, on average, 20% longer in a venue.


Scenting can create extremely memorable and luxurious experiences that can become extremely beneficial for a venue. For example, Trials of scenting equipment in a USA casino showed gambling revenue increased by 48% with the introduction of certain aromas. Scent can have such a profound effect because our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, memories and decision-making. By taping into a multi-sensory experience we are able to encourage guests to build a stronger emotional association with a brand or venue that in turn increases intent to return.Recent studies have found that the use of fragrances has been shown to affect customers' emotions, experiences and actions. Scent smell can be used to slow down the sense of time, and can increase the customer's willingness to spend up to 20%.

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