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White Tea

Brand : OUWAVE

Product origin : Shenzhen,China

Delivery time : 3-7 days

Supply capacity : 5000pcs/month

Notes:Bergamot, narcissus, rose ylang ylang, jasmine musk, amber, cedar

White tea:
Deep forest, warm earth, immersed in the woods around, and lavender fragrance.
Before the incense
Bergamot: rational Qi phlegm, cough, Shugan Xiaozhang spleen and stomach and other effects.
Narcissus: Qingrejiedu, swelling of the efficacy of scattered nodes.
In tune
Yilan: with anti depression, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, lower blood pressure, sedation and other effects.
Rose: with whitening, fade spots, moisturizing, anti-aging effect.
Jasmine: spicy, sweet, cold, with Qingrejiedu dampness effect.
After the incense
Amber: sedation, diuresis, promoting blood circulation.
Cedar: preventing fever irritability, high fever in children.

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