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Brand : OUWAVE

Product origin : Shenzhen,China

Delivery time : 3-7 days

Supply capacity : 5000pcs/month

Notes:: Lemon, bergamot geranium, lavender woody, amber


Cloud take: cloud and mist herbs breath, sweet and fresh flavor infinite.
Before the incense
Peach: peach with aerobic skin, stomach, lungs, phlegm and other functions.
Flowers: Chufan heat, anti heat effect, with Qi, clearing lung heat cough.
In tune
Lemon: with fresh and sweet and clear fruit like aroma.
Pineapple enzyme: promote blood circulation, can eliminate the tension of the body and enhance the body's immunity.
Black currant: have lower blood pressure, blood lipid and anti atherosclerosis effect etc..
After the transfer
Cedar: aroma of resin, the faint smell of rosin, approximate sandalwood, the main role in the respiratory tract due to the characteristics of the cough and phlegm. Nervous tension and anxiety through cedar soothing calming, also helps to meditate.
Oak moss: oak moss incense is not only elegant and pleasant fragrance, it is also an excellent fixative.
Amber: sedation, diuresis, promoting blood circulation.

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