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Brand : OUWAVE

Product origin : Shenzhen,China

Delivery time : 3-7 days

Supply capacity : 5000pcs/month

Notes:floral, citrus, peach, vanilla, patchouli


Grapefruit: with heat, thirst.
In tune
Litchi: with liver and spleen, regulating the flow of Qi and blood, Wen Zhong pain, Buxin Anshen effect
Rose: with the role of whitening, fade spots, but also has excellent moisturizing, anti-aging effect.
Vanilla: vanilla, rich in nutrition, good taste, has the function of health care for the human body.
Peach: Xiaoji, Huoxue Runchang, Sheng Jin Feng muscle skin effect.
After the incense
Patchouli: wide pogostone in vitro bacteriostasis experiment prove that a certain inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus, bacteria.
Mu Xiang: xingqizhitong, lead lag.

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